How DIN #ISO 9001 and Co. come to life

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, DGUV Regulation 2: What sounds like a rigid set of rules comes alive in a conversation with Katrein David and Sascha Tesmer. The two are employees in #qualitymanagement (QM) at GABLER Naval Technology and tell how QM is interwoven in the company.

“Our task is to ensure and constantly improve the quality of our processes. The basis for this work are #standards and #regulations, specific #customerrequirements, QM tools and the willingness in the team to optimize our internal processes.”

What does that look like in concrete terms? “We look at the entire processes from the first customer contact to the end of the life cycle of our products. There is a lot of internal and external coordination between our own departments, customers and suppliers. If difficulties or quality deviations arise somewhere, we sit down at the table with everyone involved to find the cause and solutions. The cooperation with our colleagues works very well and is incredibly interesting.”

“In addition, we are of course responsible for preparing and carrying out the certifications of our company according to #internationalstandards, e.g. DIN EN ISO 9001. Customers worldwide can thus rely on this certified standard when selecting suppliers.”

And what comes after DIN EN ISO 9001? “We are currently preparing the introduction and certification of the #environmentalstandard DIN EN ISO 14001 for 2024 and will then also combine the topics of quality and sustainability (environment) as a company. In addition, we take care of the legal requirements that have to be observed in terms of occupational safety. All of this together forms the #HSSEQ – Health, Security, Safety, Environment, Quality.” 

Dear Katrein, dear Sascha, thank you very much for this short and exciting overview!