Mast systems

The development and production of submarine mast system is the core business of GABLER. As opposed to the mast, limited to the lowering and lifting mechanism of a sensor, the mast system comprises the hydraulic control block, the hoistable mast control and the sensor. With us, you get everything from one source. So we optimize your supply chain and help you to save costs.

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Components of our mast systems


Hoistable mast


Hydraulic control block


Hoistable mast control



Hoistable masts

The hoistable mast is the basis for every mast or mast system. Hoistable masts mainly comprise the 4 main modules: guide shaft, guide piece, drive and profiled mast. Due to the specific requirements of the navies worldwide, GABLER does not only offer a standardized and modular device platform but also tailor-made solutions for every submarine platform. Depending on the requirements, we create individual hoistable mast solutions.
The GABLER hoistable masts are platforms for optronic, radar, ESM, communication and SATCOM masts as well as for periscopes. The sensors, antennas and effectors can be combined on combination masts as desired, as required by the mission profiles.


Rectangular shaft
Electric or hydraulic drive


Rectangular or round shaft or column
Hull-penetrating or non-hull-penetrating
Electric or hydraulic drive

HF Stage

Low weight and small footprint 
Electro-hydraulic with low oil consumption
Durable and low maintenance

Hydraulic Control Block

The hydraulic control block controls the oil flow by means of electric valves. The hydraulic drive thus enables the hoistable mast to be moved not only quickly but also quietly.

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Hydraulic Control

Hoistable mast control

On the panel of the digital control unit, all travel parameters of the hoistable mast, such as the extension height or the tightness control device, can be displayed and processed. The respective extension commands of the mast operator are transmitted electrically to the hydraulic control block.
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Hoistable mast

Mast options

Depending on your requirements, GABLER offer configurable options for the mast system, mast or hoistable mast. Of course, all mast options comply with all military standards in regard to strength against shock and sea wash so that their proper functioning is always ensured, even in extreme situations.


Predictive Maintenance Sensors

Early identification of abnormalities


Drives for radar rotation

Pressure-proof, environment-resistant and signature-optimized drive for radar rotation


Hoisting Height

Identification of the mast position



Cladding of the hoistable masts by RoA shells to reduce the radar signature.


Leakage sensors

Sensors to identify leaks in the hydraulic system of the mast



VLF, VHF, MF/HF, Multiband-Antenna-Systems for all desired frequency ranges