Profiled Submarine Masts

By optimising the material and manufacturing processes, GABLER Naval Technology, in close cooperation with the German company Composyst, offers a new modular design for the profiled mast of submarine hoistable mast systems. 

In the new modular construction design, the ratio of steel in the profiled mast is reduced in favour of components, which are made of qualitatively unique and durable composite materials and active radar absorbing material #RAM. In coordination with the requests of shipyards and navies, GABLER Naval Technology develops the structural design for the corresponding components, which are then manufactured and supplied by Composyst and integrated into the masts by GABLER. 

The special features: Not only is the mast faster and cheaper to manufacture and maintain due to material optimisation, but the modular construction principle also takes technological progress into account. If new functionalities in the field of RAM and composite materials are achieved in a few years, the old components can simply be replaced without having to change the entire profiled mast. 

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