What happens when two companies put their heads together?

Our submarine hoistable masts are a sophisticated interaction of mechanics, hydraulics and electronics. Up to now, especially the HMEU (hoistable mast electronic unit) only been added as a separate module in the shipyard. This leads to unnecessary interfaces, long installation and testing times in the final phase of a submarine project and waste of unused potential. We solve that matters.

In the future, #GABLER Naval Technology will supply the HMEU for its hoistable masts right from the start. For this purpose, we have already been working with our partner #DATASCHALTengineering from Lübeck for 3 years and have already satisfied customers together. #DATASCHALTengineering has been a known quantity in the submarine industry for years.
“It is an invaluable advantage to be involved in the development and manufacturing process of the mast systems from the very beginning. We can regularly carry out joint tests in GABLER’s production hall and continually adapt and optimize our system and the interfaces between the components during development,” says Sascha Wrage, Division Manager Customer System Projects at #DATASCHALTengineering.

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